Ms. Angel Yingjun Wang is the founder of Legal Guru Club and Chairperson of China International Legal and culture exchange center. Legal Guru Club is a leading exchange platform for the legal profession in China. In four years, over 500 GCs from big companies were active members of Legal Guru Club. Two thousand senior legal professionals participated in the activities organized by Legal Guru Club. MS Wang is also an attorney licensed in China and New York State Bar. She received her JD degree in Oklahoma , and won the International MBA degree at the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. She got her bachelor degree in economics from the Beijing Technology and Business University. She was the vice president of the American Bar Association Business Law Section International Litigation Committee, and member of the International Bar Association.

GC salon under falaohui is the industry self-discipline of GC Autonomous public welfare free platform, only GC can participate. You can join the industry wechat group every year Free participation in one law and music activity and some seminars, and other activities of Falao exchange shall be subject to Invited. If you want to participate according to your needs and time, please contact customer service to become an enterprise User. To join GC salon, please scan the wechat applet and fill in the information.

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