On June 5th 2015, Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of the Legal Guru Club (LGC), and many other club members paid a visit to Baidu.

First of all, the guests visited to the exhibiting hall and resting area of Baidu Edifice together with Victor Liang, vice president & General Counsel of legal department of Baidu.


(The guests visited Baidu together with Victor Liang.)


(The docent introduces the exhibiting hall of Baidu Edifice.)

More than 20 LGC General Counsel committees made the visit, exchanged ideas and shared opinions actively with each other. They are Chen Aihua, Marry Fan, Ma Qiang, Ma Jun, Nie Ying, Guo Weihua, Li Zhuyong, Luo Zhenhong, Li Zhaohui, Qin Xuetang, Sun Qiang, Shi Cuijun, Shi Yingchun, Tang Liming, Wang Jiaguo, Wang Xigang, Wang Wenbing, Yu Lemin, Yang Jin, Yu Mang, Julia Lihong Zhu, Allen Zhou, Zhang Hongfei and Bin Zhao.

After the visit, the General Counsels made in-depth conversation in the following Round-Table Conference. The topics included: the Position of General Counsel, How to Communicate with the Executives and Business Units, and How to Choose and Manage Outside Counsels. Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of LGC, gave the opening speech by introducing the developments of the LGC, in her opening remarks, she welcomed the General Counsels to the meeting and expressed her gratitude to Victor Liang.


(Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of LGC )

 (Victor Liang, Vice president and executive assistant to CEO of Baidu)


(Mr. Luo Zhenhong, CRO of China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd.)


(Mr. Bin Zhao, Global senior vice president of Qualcomm)

 (Mr. Shi Yingchun, president of China Grand Enterprises legal department)


 (Mr. Qin Xuetang, executive director and senior vice president of Fosun Group)

 (Ms. Shi Cuijun, General Counsel of Total Beijing)

(Ms. Julia Lihong Zhu, legal director of PwC)