Maybe because of the attraction of this fragrance

“Legal Guru Club” came to the beautiful Hangzhou

visited the legendary Alibaba

and started a journey to experience the “Alibaba Orange (same pronunciation with ‘success’ in Chinese)” culture.


On the evening of October 23, 2015, the members of “Legal Guru Club” who participated in the visit to Alibaba had arrived in Hangzhou successively. Regardless of the exhausted journey, they were like a family and friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time and held a small party together in the same evening, where they shared their recent feelings and experience and had great talks with each other.

On the morning of October 24, 2015, the GCs came to the well-known “Xixi National Wetland Park” to enjoy the unique wetland landscape and ecological environmental-01_副本al-02_副本

In the afternoon, Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of “Legal Guru Club”, led the GCs to the “Xixi Park of Alibaba Group (also known as Taobao City)”, the headquarter of Alibaba Group.


Alibaba’s commentator led the group to visit the entire park covering the daily office and leisure infrastructures, such as main office area, canteen, gym, lecture hall and video hall. The “Alibaba Orange” culture could be seen everywhere along the way, and various design details of the park construction reflected the vitality and passion of the Alibaba team.


After the visit, everyone came to Alibaba’s conference room and started the “General Counsel Roundtable”. Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of “Legal Guru Club”, delivered a speech to extend thanks for the warm reception of the legal department of Alibaba Group and the welcome to all the GCs who participated in this event.


Next, Ms Sara Yu, the general counsel of Alibaba, warmly welcomed the GCs to visit Alibaba, and gave a detailed introduction to the existing business segments of the group, including the new segments such as Alibaba Financial, other than Taobao, Alipay, search engine and other businesses. She also introduced the existing legal team configuration and management model of Alibaba. As the general counsel of the group, Ms Yu was well versed in both legal management and Alibaba’s businesses, which was highly admired by many GCs. She had also worked in the frontline for many times to master the first-hand business data and information and raised many practical and effective suggestions for improving the collaborative management of legal department and business departments.


After that, GCs were divided into two groups to have in-depth discussion on the topic of “positioning of the legal department”. Each group selected a spokesperson to briefly share the discussed opinions and terrific ideas of the group.


After the roundtable was finished, everyone had dinner in the Park. Perhaps everyone still had a strong interest in discussion, after dinner, some of the GCs continued the discussion about the above topic in the hotel.

On the morning of October 25, 2015, the last part of the event, “Keynote Speech of Attorneys”, was held. Quan Xianzhi of Longan Law Firm and Zhu Wenhong of Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft LLP delivered speeches respectively.


After this part ended, the visit of Legal Guru Club to Alibaba also came to a successful close!