On November 18, the Legal Guru Club paid a visit to the China headquarter of General Electric Company located in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, as one of the series of visit events. Nearly 20 general counsels participated in the event and entered into the digital industrial age to personally feel the impact and innovation arising from the 4th Industrial Revolution.


All of them started friendly communication as soon as they met each other, and many of them had known but hadn’t seen each other for many years due to the busy work, so they couldn’t be happier when seeing each other in the event of Legal Guru Club.

Mr. Fengming Liu, the global vice president and general counsel of greater China Region of GE, personally received the visitors of Legal Guru Club and served as the guide and commentator to introduce the establishment history, current status and staff of China headquarter of GE to these GCs. (Mr. Liu introduced that there are more than 5,000 Chinese and foreign employees in China headquarter of GE, how amazing!)


(Mr. Fengming Liu was giving introduction)

here had been many great companies in the world! It’s hard to become a great company, but it’s easy for a great company to disappear. GE’s 124-year history proves that GE is a great company that can make right choices and take every effort to follow the changing trend.

In the following activity, Mr. Liu led the group to visit the milestone products, such as CF34-3 engine, 9F05 gas turbine, etc., in the development history of GE. They experienced the mystery of numbers and listened to the talk between machines.%e5%be%ae%e4%bf%a1%e6%88%aa%e5%9b%be_20161124151647

(“Heroes” of GE with great achievements)


After that, they visited the Digital Innovation Workshop of GE, which was put into service in July 2016 with an investment of USD 11 million. It is the first digital innovation center set up by GE in Asia. The Digital Innovation Workshop includes analytical laboratory, physical laboratory, GE aviation, smart city, etc., showing the big data collection and analysis mode of industry/manufacturing and covering the aviation, medical, logistics and other industries.

The Digital Innovation Workshop reflects GE’s open and innovative philosophy, which not only carries out collaborative innovation within the company but also offers solutions to other companies to attract “external brains” to participate in innovation.


Called as the “Harvard in the US Business Circles” by Fortune , the GE Crotonville Leadership Training Center is the training base and cradle of senior management of GE, manifesting that GE is definitely a “learning-oriented organization”.

The members of Legal Guru Club moved to the conference room of the training base and carried out discussion and in-depth exchanges among peers. If it could be said that the previous visit immersed everyone in the charm of the digital industrial age, the next discussion was the fusion of legal wisdom of all the visitors.


Over 10 legal heads of GE joined the discussion, and 10 of them had business exchanges with the peers on intellectual property, compliance, government affairs and legal work of major business groups, making everyone deeply impressed with the importance attached by GE to this event. All the other participants shared their legal management experience and had pleasant conversations. At that time, no matter which industry and which company they came from, these legal professionals deeply shared the same feelings!


Despite of the highly professional topics discussed, the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable.

The last is the group photo of GCs in this event.


Concept of GE: To be a company that never stays in the comfort zone and keeps forging ahead!

In this event, visitors were amazed and impressed by the thoughtful arrangement of the event, the extraordinary ability shown by various high-tech innovative products in the China HQ of GE and the professional qualities embodied by all the legal elites of GE in this event.