On March 2, 2017, the “Legal Guru Club” visited the headquarter of Microsoft Corporation in China and participated in an event themed with “Cloud Benefits for China – Joint Construction of Trusted Cloud Computing”. As another grand event of “the series of visits of Legal Guru Club”, more than 20 general counsels from large domestic and multinational companies in IT, banking, insurance and securities, BAT, high-tech manufacturing industries, executives of Microsoft, as well as legal experts and scholars gathered together to discuss issues related to the laws and policies in the cloud era.

The general counsel representatives of Legal Guru Club also visited the “Microsoft Technology Center”, “Microsoft New Vision” and “Microsoft Technology Transparency Center”, personally experienced Microsoft’s explorations in cutting-edge technology fields and customized cloud services, and closely felt Microsoft’s efforts in building trusted cloud services and helping customers achieve digital transformation.

The event was opened with the speech addressed by Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of Legal Guru Club and the Chairperson of the China International Legal Affairs & Culture Exchange Center.

Mr. Tim Cranton, the general counsel of the public and legal affairs department of Greater China Region of Microsoft, gave a warm welcome to the representatives of the “Legal Guru Club”.

If the past decade is the golden age of Internet development, the next decade will be the era of “cloud computing.” As hosted by Ms Tan Ruiqiong, the executive director of the public and legal affairs department of Microsoft, the legal experts shared and discussed the relevant legal and policy issues.

Mr. David Chen, the global vice president and the general manager of the public and legal affairs department of Greater China Region of Microsoft, delivered a keynote speech on “Jointly Build a Secure Internet Environment in Digital Age”

Mr. Cui Congcong, the associate professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, addressed a speech on cybersecurity law, especially on data and privacy protection.

Ms Cristin Goodwin, the assistant general counsel of the public and legal affairs department of Microsoft, gave a speech on global cybersecurity legislation and policy changes & trends.

Mr. Zhao Guangbin, the senior economist of PwC China, shared his views on cybersecurity and medium- and long-term economic development from the economics perspective.

(Interactive discussions among guests)

Subsequently, under the introduction and guidance of Ms Cindy Huang from the public and legal affairs department of Microsoft, the general counsel representatives of Legal Guru Club visited the three major centers of Microsoft.

The Microsoft Technology Center has integrated the world-class experts in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, IoT and other fields, the industry leading technologies, the superior environment and the rich resources. The general counsels had immersive experiences and interactions on site, and explored the cloud platforms, mobile terminals and socialized cutting-edge technologies and solutions, as well as their huge potential in improving management efficiency, promoting innovation and driving performance growth.

Next, the general counsels came to the futuristic ” Microsoft New Vision”, which has built a creative interactive space, with technology as the core, through several exhibition areas.

From consumables and services to enterprise-level solutions and from launched products to technologies and concepts under development, it comprehensively displayed how future technologies to spark inspiration and accelerate innovation. The general counsels also personally experienced the HoloLens of Microsoft.

(Display of Nexcom smart robot arm of Microsoft)

(Display of data visualization)

Finally, the general counsels visited the Microsoft Technology Transparency Center, which is an integral part of Microsoft’s “Government Security Program (GSP)”. Launched by Microsoft in 2003, the GSP aims to increase the government’s trust in products and services of Microsoft. The Microsoft Technology Transparency Center in Beijing provides a platform for Chinese users to further understand the security and reliability of Microsoft’s products and services, which is the third Microsoft transparency center established by Microsoft following the two in the US and Europe.

As one of the most influential companies in the world, Microsoft has been gradually changing the world through continuous innovation, striving to become a trusted partner of customers, and abiding by the long-term commitment and concept of providing users with transparent, secure and trusted cloud computing services, which deeply impressed the general counsel representatives who participated in this visit event.