On the afternoon of August 26, 2017, the Legal Guru Club invited more than 20 vice presidents and general counsels of large central, state-owned, foreign-invested and private companies, experts of Development Research Center of the State Council and officials of Haidian District People’s Government to visit the Tencent and experience the working style of the “Penguin Empire” under the guidance of Mr. Cui Shufeng, the public strategy director of public strategy committee office of Tencent.

(Group photo of Legal Guru Club visiting Tencent)

1. Visited Corporate Culture of Tencent

On the afternoon of August 26, under the guidance of Mr. Cui Shufeng, more than 20 guests, including Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of Legal Guru Club, Mr. Xu Yongjian, the general counsel of China National Aviation Fuel Group Limited, Ms Li Zhaohui, the general counsel of China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Corporation Limited, Mr. Sun Hong, the vice president of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, Ms Ma Jun, the vice president and general counsel of Volvo Group China, Mr. Zhang Weihua, the deputy general manager and general counsel of United Energy Group Limited, and Ms Fan Xizhen, the chief legal counsel of the legal department of Oracle China, visited the exhibition hall of Tencent.

The exhibition hall shows the development history, products, honor wall and interactive experience area of Tencent. With strong visual impact, the company’s product display represents the future direction of Tencent’s products – how to improve the lives of urban residents in terms of medical care, transportation, appointment register and corporate entrepreneurship & innovation step by step with Internet plus, through a large LCD screen.

(Visiting the interactive experience area of Tencent)

  1. Listen to the corporate strategy of Tencent

After the visit, Mr. Cui Shufeng and the guests returned to the conference hall. With a short break and exchanges, Mr. Cui shared the future development planning and market layout of Tencent with everyone. He introduced that Tencent “takes user value as the basis” and cares the most about the user experience. In case of any problem, the company will make improvement immediately and release update on weekly and monthly basis to meet the needs of users. Strengthening the close relationship between enterprise and users in the process of continuously communicating with users and improving products is the most important concept in the era of Internet economy.

(Exchanging in the conference hall)

Later, Mr. Cui introduced several modules and blueprint of Tencent. The company will provide users with a full-range Internet products through 7 business groups including SNG (social network group), WXG (WeChat group), IEG (interactive entertainment group), MIG (mobile Internet group), OMG (online media group), TEG (technical engineering group) and CDG (company development group).

Finally, Mr. Cui explained one important investment concept of Tencent – investment without interference. Tencent does not interfere with the development orientation and plans of other companies. In the future, Tencent will become a technology company, become water, air and soil for other emerging companies based on its own data and technologies to help those companies grow and achieve a win-win situation, and become the Amazon of China.

Mr. Xu Wei, the researcher of the Macro Economy Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, analyzed the short- and medium-term economic forms of China for the guests, and forecast China’s future economic trends and directions through comparison.

After the meeting, Mr. Cui interacted and exchanged with the guests and introduced the construction and design of the legal team of Tencent. The most significant difference between the legal team of Tencent and that of other companies is that Tencent has arranged a lawyer for each business line, who will control the risks in the whole process from the beginning to the decision-making. Afterwards, the guests interacted and communicated with Mr. Cui, the experts from the Development Research Center of the State Council and the officials of the Haidian District People’s Government regarding their concerns.