On April 14, 2018, the Legal Guru Club invited 12 vice presidents and general counsels of well-known state-owned, foreign-invested and private companies to visit the Lenovo headquarter (Beijing) and experienced the working style of Lenovo Group under the guidance of Mr. Zhang Zikuan, the vice president of Lenovo Group and the general counsel of China Region and Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group.

  1. Visit to the Lenovo Exhibition Area

On the afternoon of April 14, Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of Legal Guru Club, and 12 general counsels came to the Lenovo. Ms Wang expressed thanks for the support of Mr. Zhang Zikuan for the visit event and welcomed the presence of general counsels together with Mr. Zhang.

(Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of Legal Guru Club)

After a short break in the conference room, Mr. Zhang took the guests to visit the Lenovo Gallery.

(Group photo of guests)

The galley showed the specific status of the Lenovo headquarter and the three business segments of Lenovo Group that are PC business, data center business and mobile business. After that, the guests moved to another exhibition area, where the commentator introduced the terminal equipment and IoT products of Lenovo Group, especially the SmartVest.

(The commentator was introducing the SmartVest)

Subsequently, the commentator introduced the Lenovo PC products and the latest products developed in the IoT field. The smart TVs and speakers developed by Lenovo could realize human-machine communication via the voice control device.

(Representing the human-machine interaction function)

  1. Roundtable Sharing and Exchanges

After visiting the exhibition area, all returned to the conference room. With a short break and exchanges, Mr. Zhang Zikuan shared the current status and future development of Lenovo with the guests.

According to the introduction of Mr. Zhang Zikuan, Lenovo is a company that has been constantly seeking innovations and breakthroughs, sticking to the terminal equipment and continuously moving forward. At present, Lenovo owns about 52,000 employees worldwide and customers in more than 160 countries, and ranks the 226th among the world top 500 companies, ahead of the well-known companies such as Coca-Cola and Nike.

While supplying innovative equipment and technologies, Lenovo also strives to provide users with perfect usage experience. At present, the universal devices like computers and mobile phones are still the core business of Lenovo, but in the future, the company will develop more diversified and intelligent devices. At the same time, the integration of the advantages of traditional devices with the mobile business, cloud and infrastructure through big data and super-computing ability will meet the needs of customers for “device + cloud” innovation and lead Lenovo into the IoT era.

(Experience Sharing by Mr. Zhang Zikuan)

After that, Mr. Zhang Zikuan shared his management experience and the operation mode of the legal team. He introduced that the legal work of many enterprises could be classified by region, business unit and professional field. The general counsels respectively gave in-depth sharing of their team management expertise and experiences, the status of external legal services and the management models of enterprises. Many of them believed that the private enterprises were more flexible in corporate management.

Mr. Shawn Zhao, the general counsel of Greater China Region of Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd., also shared his expertise and experiences. He believed that both state-owned and foreign-funded enterprises with different ownerships had their own challenges and opportunities, and the legal personnel should be brave to take internationalized challenges and adapt to the different management models and working modes brought by different cultures.

(Experience Sharing by Mr. Shawn Zhao)

Finally, the attendees shared some of their experiences and feelings in their companies and deeply communicated with Mr. Zhang Zikuan on topics they concerned.