On August 17, 2018, a mysterious visiting group arrived at the Phase 6 Industrial Park of Mengniu in Hohhot. Different from the ordinary tourists who visited the automated factory of Mengniu in the past, this team was from legal profession composed of the legal counsels and vice presidents of the world’s top 500 companies and the partners of well-known law firms, who flew from different places in China to Mengniu Group in Hohhot for visiting and learning Mengniu’s advanced automated factory and legal management platform.

(Group photo of visitors with their families)

1. Visited the Automated Factory

After the group entered Mengniu, they followed the commentator and visited the Phase 6 Automated Factory of Mengniu. The large factory has realized automated sterilization and packaging, with few workers seen in the huge construction area. The employees control the entire process through computers in another room, which not only reduces manpower and avoids errors caused by human factors, but also greatly enhances Mengniu’s production capacity through the automated process. Mengniu has also achieved quality data traceability throughout the industry chain. For each batch of products, every quality problem can be traced back to all production links such as raw milk acceptance, warehousing, pre-treatment, filling, packaging, storage, etc. It has fulfilled the corporate mission of “focusing on nutrition and health” from the production link.

2. Learnt the Legal Management Platform

After the visit, everyone moved to the conference hall. Ms Fan Xiaoxi, the legal director of Mengniu Group, led her team to warmly welcome the visiting group, and, jointly with Mr. Xiao Junliang, the director of the functional legal department of Mengniu Group, introduced the status of Mengniu Group and its legal department and explained Mengniu’s legal management platform to the legal counsels and lawyers. Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of Legal Guru Club, extended thanks to Ms Fan for arranging this visiting event despite her busy schedule, and Ms Fan expressed her welcome to the visit of insiders for exchanges, learning and discussion together.

First of all, Ms Fan specifically represented the development history and current status of Mengniu Group. Then, she briefly introduced the specific situation of the legal department. The legal department of Mengniu Group has dozens of legal personnel, with more than 10 duties covering contract management, litigation and arbitration, compliance for listing, daily consultation, corporate governance, investment, financing and M&A, packaging materials and advertising, trademark management, labor dispute, crisis management, legal training and daily administration.

(Ms Fan Xiaoxi was introducing Mengniu group)

Due to the large number of transactions and contracts of Mengniu Group, the legal team is often faced with challenges, who shall be able to not only review the contracts but also deal with the lawsuits. Ms Fan answered questions of the guests regarding the management and personnel of the legal department of Mengniu while detailing the specific status of the legal department.

(Ms Fan Xiaoxi was communicating and discussing with the guests)

After the presentation of Ms Fan, Mr. Xiao Junliang introduced the legal management platform of Mengniu Group (whole-process legal risk management). Based on the Group’s legal strategy, the legal management platform aims to realize the four integration requirements, establish a perfect legal systematic whole-process management model of Mengniu, and achieve risk prevention, control and post-relief under the strategy of comprehensive legal support.

(Mr. Xiao Junliang was explaining the legal management platform)

Later, Mr. Xiao specifically explained the standardization of contract management, the integration of information systems, the centralization of legal affairs management, and the informationization of risk management and control. The objective and value of the legal management platform is summarized in the following words: the vertical penetration of information and the horizontal synergy of businesses.